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          混合機 混合機

            The Shanghai Kairi Company specialized production mixing device, more than ten for years, has been engaged in mixing device's research, the design, the development, the manufacture, the sale specially in a body's specialized innovation enterprise. The use domain is extremely widespread, the post-sale service consummates, the enterprise passed the ISO9001 international quality system authentication, the product sale network has proliferated the land, the best-selling home, and sells in distant markets overseas.

          The company leadership product the kairi sign the ZSH series double helix cone-shape mixer equipment, has the honor to receive the tenth nation the spark cup the creation invention competition quality product gold medal, the product quality is qualified by the State Bureau of Technological Supervision unification spot-check examination, the country quality monitoring is literate 048 N098019, after the Shanghai Engineering supervision Bureau, the Shanghai mechanical and electrical products quality detection center general mechanical station, examines each technical specification to meet the modular design requirements, the product examination is qualified, examines the station by the Shanghai general engineering products quality surveillance, issues the certificate book number: WJ98119, and has obtained the national Ministry of Chemical Industry chemical equipment quality detection center supervised manufacture certificate, the supervised manufacture card number: 709, are original Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Chinese Chemical industry Equipment Association, the mechanical power Technical society, the quality detection association, member enterprises and so on China Engineering supervision Information Association.

          In domains and so on our country powder body in mixing device, this company has the independent innovation intellectual property rights, is in the lead the specialized design, the production the wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer (ZSH-A, .ZSH-B), has the honor to receive the national monopoly, the patent number respectively is: ZL200720076473.5, ZL200720076474.X (national monopoly certificate number: 1134337th, 1137454th), also other each kind of mixing device also has the independent innovation and the specialized technique, specially made the wide open door discharge valve and so on to fill the domestic gap, has had the honor to receive many item of national monopolies, the patent number: ZL200520046502.4, ZL200730073295.6 (national monopoly certificate number: 931921st, 734409th) and so on; This machine is in the present age numerous mixing devices, the application surface is broad, the demand is big, specification complete, brand-new optimal type. Since has put in the market, after the user practice use proof, raised the working efficiency greatly, reflects good, the depth is welcome and the high praise, is selected by the domestic and foreign numerous enterprises. Because all previous years Heavy tar quantity, defends the prestige, to serve good, is evaluated the national mixer quality perfect name brand enterprise by China Engineering supervision Information Association, is thought the quality, the prestige, the service, the AAA level member unit firmly by the Chinese Quality Prestige Management by supervision Association.

          Kairi sign trademark after National mark Bureau registration, registration number: 1629778th, please recognize the accurate trademark, guards against the counterfeit.

          Has obtained the product quality examination certificate in the colleague the factory, the company sells the way to be nimble, the price is reasonable, can by maximum limit satisfy the user the demand.

          The innovation, will be forever without limits; Specialized, is worth trusting. The kairi mix is the successful symbol, is the quality and the prestige symbol, is your ideal sensible choice! In the mix mechanical profession, the quality is superior, the brand is hard, the beginning is high, superiority, the stamina foot, the kairi has become the everywhere user optimal brand. We will provide a better equipment as always for you, a better service, the look forward to the future, we will be full of confidence, Shanghai kairi's tomorrow, will be happier!The new century's kairi further develops everywhere markets, hits the brand strategy, takes road of the technical, to collectivization development, innovation specialization, development brand, cooperation globalization. The development innovation, establishes one to be worth trusting the kairi the brand. The kairi has made up mind with you to cooperate hand in hand, the harmony creates is magnificent in the 21st century.

          The triumphant Japanese people defers to produces one generation, to research and develop a generation, stockpiles one generation the development new mentality.

          This company accepts zero to be away from the user the challenge, greets the more broader new old user tests!

          Kairi objective: Strives for the survival by the quality, to innovate strives for the development, to ask the benefit by the meager profits.

            Shanghai Kairi Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
          Add: No.6-1103,Lane 938,Datong Road,Shanghai,China
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