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          混合機 混合機
          The wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer
          LDH series coulter mixing machine
          ZSH series wide open door spiral belt cone-shape mixing machine
          WZ series agravic biax paddle mixing machine
          WLD series horizontal spiral ribbon mixer
          ZSH series revolve cone-shape mixing machine
          Hydrojet atomization device
          JM series colloid grinder
          LS screw conveyer

          A: About “wide open door double helix proprietary products and so on cone-shape mixer and discharge valve” solemn declaration.


          Solemn declaration

          Each concerned new old user:

           the wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer and the specially made discharge valve the product, is the Shanghai Kairi Company own manufacture proprietary product, has obtained the national monopoly (the patent number respectively is: ZL200720076473.5, ZL200720076474X, ZL200520046502.4, ZL200730073295.6), the national exclusive law protection, any individual or the unit, agree with without this company to permit that do not produce, the management, use this proprietary product arbitrarily, as soon as passes through the discovery, we will adopt the measure start legal proceeding immediately, investigates its responsibility legally. Hoped that the concerned user, the unit are discrete, do not purchase and use the patent infringement product, if provides the patent infringement the evidence to be true, will give the reward. Thanks the coordination!

           Specially statement



          The Shanghai kairi machine manufacture the Limited company
            Shanghai Kairi Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
          Add: No.6-1103,Lane 938,Datong Road,Shanghai,China
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