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          混合機 混合機
          The wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer
          LDH series coulter mixing machine
          ZSH series wide open door spiral belt cone-shape mixing machine
          WZ series agravic biax paddle mixing machine
          WLD series horizontal spiral ribbon mixer
          ZSH series revolve cone-shape mixing machine
          Hydrojet atomization device
          JM series colloid grinder
          LS screw conveyer

          B: New old mix type comparison


              This new generation novel mixer equipment and original old style (turntable type) mixes the type the comparison.
              Has five big remarkable innovation superiority:
                First, the tube covers the part to be possible to raise opens, for the user feeding, the observation, the replacement material variety, the clean brings conveniently, in order to avoid overlapping pollution material, serious influence material mix uniformity and product quality scale.
                Second, unique designs, the patent wide open door ex-denning structure specially, left the material rapid, to be not residual, to solve formerly old style (turntable type) the material not unobstructed, the impediment to smuggle the material, the residual quantity many, not to be easy to clean and shortcomings and so on disassembling, serious influence next time mix material uniformity.
                Third, the rectifying screw structure interior separates between the crack and the tube wall's distance position, achieves the best perfect condition, long bracket screw rod when tube base, spiral clockwise can attach attracts the material upward promotion, reduces the mix dead angle effectively, enhances the material mix uniformity.
                Fourth, uses vanguard technology which the modern microcomputer controls, specially made high accuracy circular arc bevel gear, experiences for a long time durably, is not easy to wear, causes the equipment noise to reduce, the life grows.
                Fifth, uses the new craft, the new material, with high quality name brand fitting and raw material manufacture equipment, quality stable reliable, causes to buy the household not to have the extra worries.

          The turntable type will leave the material valve (old style) the material not unobstructed, to prevent smuggles the material, the residual quantity to be many, the turntable switch will not be nimble, will not be easy to clean and shortcomings and so on disassembling.

          The wide open door discharge valve leaves the material to be rapid, not will be cleanly residual, will not prevent smuggles the material, easy to clean and merits and so on disassembling.

          The fact already proved that and will continue to prove the wide open door discharge valve leaves the material valve the turntable type novel, to be more suitable than, to be advanced, puts in the market after the user practice use, reflects good, the depth is welcome and the high praise. Please sensible choice!

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          Add: No.6-1103,Lane 938,Datong Road,Shanghai,China
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