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          混合機 混合機
          The wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer
          LDH series coulter mixing machine
          ZSH series wide open door spiral belt cone-shape mixing machine
          WZ series agravic biax paddle mixing machine
          WLD series horizontal spiral ribbon mixer
          ZSH series revolve cone-shape mixing machine
          Hydrojet atomization device
          JM series colloid grinder
          LS screw conveyer

          C: Cone-shape mixer and horizontal-type mixer comparison good and bad points


          First, the cone-shape fuselage is: Wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer, wide open door spiral belt type cone-shape mixer.
          Wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer:
              Is characteristic the patent wide open door ex-denning with but actually the cone-shape tube body and planetary motion's double screw rod, is disparate to the proportion and the granularity different material composition's mix cannot have the lamination, the segregation phenomenon, in a short time mixes evenly, the material cannot because of mix has overheated, the pressure to feed, to grind and so on phenomena.
               Pours the cone-shape tube body by the taper just right to guarantee that the material flowing pattern and the convenience are rapid the material, not to have the detention.
          Wide open door spiral belt type cone-shape mixer:
          Is characteristic the wide open door ex-denning, uses the single screw and the spiral belt's turning effort, the effect is the double screw rod 1/2.
              Second, the horizontal-type fuselage is: Zero gravity two axle paddle blade mixer, horizontal-type spiral belt mixer.

          Puts the material not cleanly, the residual quantity many, to have the blind spot, the dead angle, to mix, the area to be big non-uniform, the price is high, the use surface narrow, the ancillary facilities request many, market demand small and so on.
            Shanghai Kairi Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
          Add: No.6-1103,Lane 938,Datong Road,Shanghai,China
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