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          混合機 混合機
          The wide open door double helix cone-shape mixer
          LDH series coulter mixing machine
          ZSH series wide open door spiral belt cone-shape mixing machine
          WZ series agravic biax paddle mixing machine
          WLD series horizontal spiral ribbon mixer
          ZSH series revolve cone-shape mixing machine
          Hydrojet atomization device
          JM series colloid grinder
          LS screw conveyer

          D: Equipment shaping and post-sale service way


          First, equipment shaping:
              1st, the mixing device specification volume's choice may need to determine according to each Measure unit to be used's production with the condition, the different profession its mix material proportion difference is big, when equipment shaping, each time mixes the quantity and the biggest loading factor two parameters is smaller than or is equal to the tabulation value, generally speaking should consider that productivity and the installed power two factors, leave leeway certain safety factor again.
          Each batch of mix quantity (T) = entire volume (m3) * loading factor (0.6) * apparent density
          (general ≤1T/m3), by water proportion: 1000kg/m3 is a standard.
              2nd, when common shaping, suggested that chooses the big specification volume, so that present expanded production need.
              3rd, this company to product design retention change right, when improvement, not in anticipation respectfully informed.
          Second, post-sale service:
              1st, this company produces each kind of model specification series mixer, testing leaving the plant, is responsible for the product quality, because if is the product quality question firmly, we all implement three package, and is responsible to service the service.
              2nd, every orders this company mixer, free provides the technology and the advisory service, for a long time to the user supply standard vulnerable and fittings and so on circular arc bevel gear, the goods supply is prompt, reasonable price
              3rd, like has the unclear place, asks respectfully the expensive unit incoming letter to inform by telegram this company, gives comprehensive satisfaction the answer. Consummation, thorough, warm post-sale service, causes to buy the household not to have the extra worries.
              4th, this company heartfelt gratitude user community use, very much supervises, and proposed after you use the valued suggestion and the constructive suggestion, in order to help further unceasingly improves to the product. “the triumphant date” hopes by the good prestige and the quality establishes the permanent friendship with you, sharing is prosperous in the 21st century. Thanks!
          Third, and suggested to the product improvement opinion:
              1st, this company to has the constructive feedback opinion, after being accepted, will give certain reward to the starter, after please fill, sends this company technical section, thanks the cooperation!

          Product model

          Leaving the plant serial number

          Manufacture date

          The product starts to use the date





          User unit name


          Detailed address

          Provinces and cities county

          Suggested to this company product improvement valued suggestion and the constructive nature:

            Shanghai Kairi Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
          Add: No.6-1103,Lane 938,Datong Road,Shanghai,China
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